Sunflower Scotland: helping Ukraine’s frontline villages

We buy food in Ukraine and distribute it in villages near the front line.

Sunflower Scotland profile - 4261 people received aid, 8 pickup trucks and vans, 30 missions in Ukraine

About us

Our mission is to help the most vulnerable people in frontline villages. Women, children, disabled and older people need help more than anyone else. We personally visited Ukraine’s frontline areas six times and know the situation first hand.

What makes us different? We help the most desperate people, we do not work in big cities and safe areas. Most importantly, we buy food in Ukraine, in order to support the local economy and fight poverty. We distribute food for free to those who need it most.  

In addition to our food aid deliveries, we carry out dedicated projects in frontline areas. They are focused on achieving a specific objective, such as “helping a children’s cancer hospital”, “helping a maternity hospital”, “delivering an ambulance”. We buy vehicles in Scotland, and deliver them directly in the hands of those who will be using them. 


Food for frontline villages

We buy food in Ukraine and deliver “Emergency food bags” for free. We help women, children and older people in Ukraine’s frontline villages.

Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland, delivering 4x4 truck to a Ukrainian soldier in Kostyantynivka, 22 March 2023


Projects in Ukraine frontline areas

We deliver dedicated projects: bringing 4×4 trucks and ambulances, helping hospitals and local volunteers

Map of our work

Donate to support Ukraine

Please visit our Donation page to donate any amount (as much as you feel comfortable). We fundraise to protect lives in Ukraine.

We regularly provide detailed reports of our work on this website and on social media.

Sunflower Scotland does not pay itself, we have £0 admin fees. All your help to the last penny will be used to help Ukraine.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

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