Sunflower Scotland: helping Ukraine’s frontline areas

Ukraine’s frontline areas have the greatest need. But they receive too little aid because it’s dangerous. We help where it matters.

Sunflower Scotland statistics of delivering humanitarian aid in Ukraine - 5405 families, 2487 children, 14 vehicles

Scotland helping Ukraine where aid really matters

Sunflower Scotland is a specialist Ukraine charity. We help where people struggle the most. We support Ukraine’s frontline villages, orphans and vulnerable kids with Down syndrome. We support rehabilitation centres for amputees. We help frontline medics to save lives, and bring supplies to front line hospitals.

See our projects and learn how we help Ukraine. Read our Annual report.

What makes us different?

We help the most desperate people first, those who need it most. We do not work in safer western and central areas.

Our trustees personally delivered aid to hundreds of people in Ukraine’s frontline areas. They put their lives on the line and know the situation first hand.

We buy food and cleaning supplies in Ukraine, in order to support jobs and fight poverty. It is 58% more efficient: we save our donors’ money.

Results in numbers

Read our latest impact report.

How can I support Ukraine

A resident of Fedorivka village, Kherson Oblast, holding humanitarian aid from Sunflower Scotland

Please visit our Donation page to donate any amount. We deliver 7-8 kg aid bags to frontline villages. Each aid bag costs £10 including delivery.

Sunflower Scotland does not pay itself, we have £0 admin fees. All your donation to the last penny helps Ukraine.

David Sharkey holding the book Remember

These wonderful authors wrote books about the war in Ukraine. They volunteered to contribute their profits to Sunflower Scotland.

Buy their books to learn the truth and contribute to Ukraine at the same time.

Elvira Dmitrieva of Sunflower Scotland delivering jeep to soldier in Ukraine

If you own an old SUV, pickup truck or a van, it may help brave and selfless men and women in Ukraine to defend their children, their homes and their country.

We personally deliver 4×4 cars and trucks to front line soldiers.

News and Reports

We regularly provide detailed reports of our work on this website and in social media.

Map of our Humanitarian Aid Deliveries

We conducted humanitarian missions in areas close to the front line because that’s where people struggle the most, and need aid.

Our missions (blue dots) are listed on this map. We delivered aid in: Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Borova, Izium, Kupyansk, Chasiv Yar, Kostyantynivka, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Vovchansk, north Kherson region and many other towns and villages.

Map of Sunflower Scotland Missions - direct aid to Ukraine frontline areas

Colour code: Yellow: Ukraine; Red: Russia occupied territory; Grey: de-occupied areas.

Recognition from Ukraine


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