Sunflower Scotland Board

Sunflower Scotland SCIO is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is governed by the Board of Trustees.

Sunflower Scotland team in Edinburgh loading a lorry with humanitarian aid for Ukraine
Oleg Dmitriev, Chairman of Sunflower Scotland with medal from ZSU

Oleg Dmitriev, MBA

Position: Founding Chairman

Missions in Ukraine: Kharkiv, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Izium, Chasiv Yar

Awards: Medal for support to ZSU (March 2024); Certificate of Appreciation, UDA (September 2023)

Oleg is the founding chairman of Sunflower Scotland. He made seven tours to Ukraine, having delivered aid to over 600 people in the active war zone. Oleg is a certified first responder and trainer. He holds a dual MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia University in New York. He received a letter of recognition from Ukraine’s defence forces for supporting the repair of a number of ambulances.

Prior to the war in Ukraine he worked as CEO of a precision engineering business in Edinburgh, and was responsible for technical operations in a rocket company. Oleg won the Made in Scotland Award, and was named Scotland’s Innovator of the Year in 2018 and Inventor of the Year in 2017.

Margaret Coughtrie PhD

Margaret Coughtrie, PhD

Position: Trustee, Board Member

One of Margaret’s passions is to help facilitate better outcomes and experiences. To that end she works a member of the board at Sunflower Scotland, while being involved with a few charities which focus on improved eating choices in deprived neighbourhoods, improved living experiences for addicts, greater justice, new business creation and research on the oceans and aquaculture.

She was a professional investor and fund governor during her career, holds the Charter Financial Analyst designation and worked in London, Edinburgh, Montreal and Miami.

Education-wise she holds a doctorate in entrepreneurship from the University of Strathclyde where she also studied an MBA and Accountancy Diploma. Otherwise she has M.A. in Economics from the University of Edinburgh..

Elvira Dmitrieva, Treasurer and Trustee of Sunflower Scotland

Elvira Dmitrieva

Position: Treasurer, Board Member

Missions in Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Tsyrkuny

Elvira Dmitrieva is a Treasurer of Sunflower Scotland. She has a BA and Diploma in Accounting, Audit and Business Administration and more than 20 years of experience in operations, project management , accounting and finance, and health and safety in SMEs.

Before starting Sunflower Scotland, she served as Operations Manager at Pufferfish Ltd in Edinburgh. She’s also worked as an Operations Manager at a compressor factory in Edinburgh, as well as in finance with Deloitte, Arthur Andersen and several start-ups.

Iryna Mansell, a Sunflower Scotland trustee and board member

Iryna Mansell

Position: Trustee, Board Member

Iryna Mansell studied nursing at Napier University in Edinburgh. Since 2017 she has been working as an NHS staff nurse at Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. Through her work Iryna has a lot of first-hand experience with medical treatments, supplies and devices, and brings a wealth of expertise in medical aid.

Tetyana Sibbald, Trustee at Sunflower Scotland

Tetyana Sibbald

Position: Trustee, Board Member

Tetyana Sibbald graduated from the Kyiv Medical University and London School of Medicine in 2000. After working as an auxiliary nurse in hospitals in the UK, she joined Bon Secours Hospital in Galway, Republic of Ireland. In 2014 Tetyana took a position in St Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh, where she continues working to this day.

Being a creative person, Tetyana has a passion for art, creative writing and music. While living in Galway she found her love to glass art, and published her first book “Time for a change”. Currently, Ms Sibbald is working on her second book “The Galway Story”.

A loving mother of three, Tetyana balances her work in St Columba’s Hospice, family, glass art and writing.