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Page updated on: 11.05.2024

Rehabilitation doctor attaching a prosthetic limb in a rehab in Dnipro

Rehabilitation of amputees

While defending their families and their country, many Ukrainians have suffered terrible wounds. Some have lost their limbs. According to The Wall Street Journal, by summer 2023 up to 50,000 Ukrainian defenders had one or two limbs amputated.

As the war of attrition goes on, by the end of 2024 this horrific count may exceed 100,000.

Rehabilitation of a wounded person in the Rehabilitation centre Path to Health, Dnipro Ukraine

We support two centres that carry out rehabilitation of Ukrainian women and men who have lost their limbs or sustained life-threatening wounds:

  • “Path to Health”, Dnipro, eastern Ukraine
  • “Patriot”, Pershotravensk, eastern Ukraine

They get either very minimal government support: Ukraine hasn’t anticipated such a tragic tsunami of casualties, and its hospitals are overwhelmed.

Our work to date:

In April 2024, we delivered a cargo of 8 exercise machines and 5 wheelchairs to the Pershotravensk rehab.

Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland, brings donation of 8 rehabilitation machines and 5 wheelchairs to rehabilitation machines to Pershotravensk, Ukraine, 40 miles from the front line, with Yuriy Dibrova, elected representative from Pershotravensk

Essentially we helped to kickstart the rehab’s operation, and they are now able to offer physiotherapy to amputees. Please see our full report about delivering rehabilitation machines.

Our work was featured in The Scotsman (the most prominent Scottish newspaper): “War in Ukraine: The Scottish charity helping war veterans in mining town where one in 30 people have lost limb”.

The Scotsman article about Sunflower Scotland delivering aid for amputees

We plan to deliver 10 exercise machines to the “Path to Health” rehab in Dnipro. Thanks to the wonderful support of Scottish people, we are on track to collect 10 machines. What we don’t have is a van to deliver them. Sunflower Scotland donated the van which we used previously to a charity in Ukraine.

Update of 11 May: Thanks to the support by our donors, we raised £5,000 and bought a Transit van, so we can deliver the machines.

Because of the Russian offensive on Kharkiv, we decided to donate the van to Ukraine’s defence forces, which protect millions of innocent civilians in this area from rape and murder. We will first deliver the rehabilitation machines, and donate the van after that.

We still need £1,800 to fund the journey, from Edinburgh to Dnipro to Kharkiv. It’s going to be a long journey of about 3,200 miles. If you can, please support our mission.

Purchase of a van£6,000
Mission to Dnipro, Ukraine-£1,800
Available funds£6,000
Shortfall (to raise)-£1,800
Ukrainian medic with Israeli bandages and occlusive dressings donated by Sunflower Scotland

Saving of lives on the front line

Currently we plan to aid two frontline regiments:

  • 100 Israeli bandages x 2
  • 4×4 pickup trucks x 2

Our chairman is a certified International First Responder, he will visit the regiments and conduct trainings on how to apply pressure bandages to stop the bleeding.

We already have one 4×4 truck (Nissan Navara), but its clutch needs fixing before it can drive to Ukraine. Our plan is to buy 200 x Israeli bandages (£1,920), buy one more 4×4 truck Nissan Navara or Mitsubishi L200, £4,000), and fix the one we have already.

6″ Israeli Bandage x 200 pcs-£1,920
Buy 4×4 truck-£4,000
Repair of the existing 4×4 truck-£1,500
Mission to Donbas, tac-med training-£2,000