Annual Accounts

Sunflower Scotland’s annual report including Trustees’ Report, Financial Accounts, Independent Examination Report

Volunteer Vitaliy Grigorov, Sunflower Scotland, delivering humanitarian aid to foster family in Krasnokutsk, 06 April 2024

Annual Report from 26.10.2022 to 31.12.2023

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Please download the Annual Report and Financial Accounts for 26.10.2022-31.10.2023 in PDF.

Key points of the Annual Report

From its incorporation as an SCIO on the 26th October 2022 and until 31 December 2023, Sunflower Scotland worked tirelessly to deliver on its objectives. Here is a summary of its achievements over that period:

  • 5,177 aid deliveries which supported 11,721 people
  • Helped people in frontline villages and towns having conducted 36 missions
  • 1,087 aid deliveries to deprived children, including orphans in fostering families, children with physical and mental disabilities, children from extremely poor / internally displaced families who lost their homes because of the war.
  • Provided medical aid to five hospitals
  • Provided 8 ambulances, jeeps to TRO (Home Guard) and life-saving supplies to frontline medics
  • Food Aid was purchased in Ukraine, supporting local jobs and saving 58% of the donated funds

Over the period between October 2022 and December 2023 Sunflower Scotland received total funds of £95,374 and spent £92,233 of which £89,518 were spent on humanitarian missions in Ukraine, and £2,715 on governance and administrative expenses.

Of the £95,374 received donations, 49% were general (unrestricted) funds, whereas 24% of donations were received for specific projects. 15% were unrestricted grants, 10% was received as income from fundraising events and 3% as income from trading activities.

Of the £89,518 expenditure, 62% was general humanitarian aid in Ukraine, 26% was related to the specific humanitarian projects, 11% were expenses related to travel to/from humanitarian missions in Ukraine (our “travel for humanitarian missions” is a humanitarian mission in itself as we deliver equipment and leave the vehicles behind), and 1% of the expenditure was related to raising funds.

£22,954 were spent on specific humanitarian projects which was within the restricted funds budget of £22,955.

Please read about our Current Appeals, and donate to support people in Ukraine’s frontline areas.