ULEZ Edinburgh – Donate car to Ukraine

ULEZ Edinburgh is coming into full effect on the 01st June 2024.

It is a great opportunity to do something really good: donate your old car to Ukraine.

Elvira Dmitrieva of Sunflower Scotland delivering jeep to soldier of 151st battalion in Ukraine

Why donate car to Ukraine via Sunflower Scotland?

1. We will deliver your car directly to frontline regiments in Ukraine. You know exactly which regiment it goes to. Important: we provide photo reports for all vehicle deliveries.

We don’t give cars to intermediaries in Poland or Lviv. Our cars always get to the right people, they don’t “disappear”.

See real-life examples of our past deliveries:

2. We are a registered Scottish charity regulated by OSCR, and we follow the law (Ethical Standards in Public Life Act 2005).

We MOT, tax and insure the vehicles. If anything happens during the journey, cars are insured. We register V5C in our name: in case of a speeding or parking ticket you do not get charged.

3. We do declare vehicles as humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and do full customs clearance so they cannot be re-sold for profit (see example).

Customs stamp - humanitarian aid, not for resale - from Ukraine customs for truck delivered by Sunflower Scotland
Customs stamp – humanitarian aid, not for resale – from Ukraine customs

Important: as registered charity we collect all paperwork, and you get copies.

ULEZ Checker – can my vehicle enter Edinburgh ULEZ?

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What other people who donated vehicles to Sunflower Scotland say

We asked other Scots who donated their vehicles to Sunflower Scotland to share their experience. In 2024, Barclay [full name not disclosed for privacy reasons] decided to give his 4×4 SUV to the defenders of Ukraine. He contacted Sunflower Scotland, and our team delivered it to soldiers of the 129th Brigade, who sacrifice their lives to defend their country.

Here’s what Barclay said about his experience working with Sunflower Scotland:

Barclay, Scotland

Which cars are needed in Ukraine?

The defenders of Ukraine need SUVs, pickup trucks and vans. Sunflower Scotland has been helping on the front line for over a year. We provide vehicles which will be used to save lives: evacuate the wounded, bring food and vital supplies.

Elvira Dmitrieva of Sunflower Scotnald hands over the frontline ambulance to medics of the 151st Battalion Ukraine TRO
Oleg Dmitriev, chairmand of Sunflower Scotland, delivering 4x4 truck to Ukraine TRO in Kostyantynivka, Donentska Oblast. Ukraine

Can I have my name written on the car I donated?

Yes. Some of our donors want their name written on the vehicle. For example: “Help to Ukraine from …”. We order decals from Specialised Signs in Edinburgh. If you want to make a sign with your name, we will ask you to cover the cost of printing.

Donor's name (General Mark MacCarley, USA) on the Nissan Navara pickup truck donated to Ukraine
Donor’s name (General Mark MacCarley, USA) on the Nissan Navara pickup truck donated to Ukraine

What is the process?

  • If you want to donate a car, please contact us by phone 0131-358-54-90 or email
  • Wash and hoover the car
  • At the agreed time, please meet us at a drop off point in Edinburgh. Transfer the V5C to Sunflower Scotland.
  • We will prepare the car for Ukraine: paint it green, insure it (for the journey UK – Ukraine), and do full technical servicing.
  • Sunflower Scotland work with a regiment in Ukraine that needs the car. We will sort out all paperwork.
  • We will drive the car to Ukraine and officially transfer it to the regiment.
Elvira Dmitrieva (Sunflower Scotland) and Major General Mark MacCarley delivering jeeps to Ukraine

As a registered charity, Sunflower Scotland will keep all paperwork and invoices for future independent examination and audit. Copies of the paperwork will be available to the person who donated the car.

Are there any costs involved?

As you imagine, things in Ukraine are very tough. The guys on the front line don’t have much time to service the cars. Their main duty it to protect their country.

If there are any mechanical issues with the engine or suspension, please fix them or contribute some money so we can pay to the garage. The donated vehicles should help Ukraine, rather than be a burden.

Before setting off, we will do full servicing (change oil, filters, etc).

If possible, please put on a set of low-budget offroad tyres. Here’s a link to ASDA tyres, but feel free to use any brand, or high-quality used tyres.

Where will my vehicle go?

We will send your car to help on the front line. Depending on what kind of car you donate, we will decide what will be the best use for it. If it’s a pickup truck, we will send it for the off-road duty. If you donate a van, we may send it to medics.


IMPORTANT: we support several units, we are not exclusive with just one regiment. When a unit needs a vehicle, they reach out to us, explain why they need it, and send a “Letters of request”.

We will speak with them and learn how they want to use it, and what are the road conditions. We will try to send the best vehicle that will help in this particular situation.

Why donate via Sunflower Scotland

Our team have been helping Ukraine since March 2022, and – sadly – we have lots of experience. Please read our chairman’s article “Help to the eighth pit of hell”.

Sunflower Scotland SCIO is a registered Scottish charity. We are regulated by OSCR: the Scottish Charity Regulator.

All members of Sunflower Scotland follow the “Code of Conduct for Members of the Scottish Charity Regulator“. This Code has been issued by the Scottish Ministers, with the approval of the Scottish Parliament, as required by the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc.(Scotland) Act 2000 (the “Act”). Each of us pledged:

  • I have a duty to uphold the law and act in accordance with the law and the public trust placed in us;
  • I have a duty to take decisions solely in terms of public interest. I must not act in order to gain financial or other material benefit for myself, family or friends.
  • I have a duty to act honestly. I must declare any private interests relating to my public duties and take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

As a regulated organisation, Sunflower Scotland keeps all paperwork for each vehicle, for the purposes of independent examination and audit (when appropriate):

  • Request from Ukraine for the vehicle
  • Insurance
  • All bills including fuel, paint
  • Sunflower Scotland provides vehicles in response to official requests from Ukraine.