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Thank you for supporting the most desperate people in Ukraine. Please fill in the form so that UK Government can add 25% Gift Aid to your donation.

Sunflower Scotland delivers Christmas gifts to orphan kids in Krasnokutsk, Kharkiv Region, received by Natalia, a fostering parent, children, meeting Vitalyi Grygorov, Sunflower's volunteer

Gift Aid is a simple way to add 25% more to your donation, at no extra cost to you. The UK Government will use the tax that you have already paid as a UK taxpayer, and add 25p per each £1 you donated.

All you need to do is to fill the form below. Thank you so much for supporting the most desperate people in Ukraine. We would not be able to deliver aid it without you. Your Gift Aid contribution will help us to do more good.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am a UK Tax Payer and I would like Sunflower Scotland SCIO to claim Gift Aid on my past and future eligible donations, until I tell them to stop. I will them about any tax years where I did not pay enough tax.

I allow Sunflower Scotland to update me from time to time (not more than once per month) on how my donations helped people in Ukraine, and to let me know about new events and campaigns.


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Please read more about Gift Aid on GOV.UK:

Privacy Notice: By providing your details above you allow Sunflower Scotland to apply for Gift Aid and to contact you regarding this matter. Sunflower Scotland may update you in the future, if you allowed us to do so.

IMPORTANT: Sunflower Scotland will never sell your data or transfer it to any organisation, or use it for any other other purpose rather than what has been explicitly allowed by you.