Amputee and War Trauma Rehabilitation Centres

Ukraine has 100,000 amputees. Many more women and men sustained horrific burns and injuries. We support two rehabilitation centres in east Ukraine.


Rehabilitation doctor attaching a prosthetic limb in a rehab in Dnipro

The need for support: Rehabilitation of amputees and war trauma victims

While defending their families and their country, many Ukrainians have suffered terrible wounds. Some have lost their limbs. According to The Wall Street Journal, by summer 2023 up to 50,000 Ukrainian defenders had one or two limbs amputated.

Russia has accelerated its use of gliding bombs, white phosphorus, drones and AP mines. By the end of 2024 this horrific count may exceed 100,000.

The state healthcare system cannot cope with the number of cases. We support two volunteer rehabilitation centres in east Ukraine.

Support by Sunflower Scotland to date

“Way to Health” Rehabilitation Centre (Dnipro)

Way to Health ( a very experienced rehabilitation centre working since 2022. By early 2024, they rehabilitated over 620 amputees and women and men who have sustained terrible war trauma.

Rehabilitation of a wounded person in the Rehabilitation centre Path to Health, Dnipro Ukraine

Doctors Mykyta Zhalnin, Yevhen Vasylenko, Siryk Natalia and Mykyta Rogozhin offer a full-cycle rehabilitation programme for amputees:

  • Post-amputation: medical and psychological stabilisation
  • Temporary prosthetic limb: learning how to move
  • Permanent prosthetic limb: gaining mobility and confidence, returning to life
  • Psychological support

Landmines, bombs and missiles do not distinguish soldier from child. Mykyta and his team help amputees and victims of war trauma, both soldiers and civilians.

Sunflower Scotland and Way to Health have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

“Patriot” Rehabilitation Centre (Pershotravensk)

“Patriot” is a new rehabilitation centre set up in a small mining town of Pershotravensk, 30 miles from the Donbas front. The war is so close, you can hear it from the town. Many women and men volunteered to fight. As a result, out of 22,000 residents, over 1000 have been wounded and need medical rehabilitation.

In April 2024, we delivered a cargo of 8 exercise machines and 5 wheelchairs to the Pershotravensk rehabilitation facility.

Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland, brings donation of 8 rehabilitation machines and 5 wheelchairs to rehabilitation machines to Pershotravensk, Ukraine, 40 miles from the front line, with Yuriy Dibrova, elected representative from Pershotravensk

Essentially we helped to kickstart the rehab’s operation, and they are now able to offer physiotherapy to amputees.

Our work was featured in The Scotsman (the most prominent Scottish newspaper): “War in Ukraine: The Scottish charity helping war veterans in mining town where one in 30 people have lost limb”.

The Scotsman article about Sunflower Scotland delivering aid for amputees

We continue our help and deliver more equipment, wheelchairs and walking aids.

Yuriy Dibrova, head of Patriot rehab, with walking aids donated by Sunflower Scotland
Vitaliy Oboronko conducting rehabilitation in Pershotravensk

Sunflower Scotland and Patriot have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

How you can help

Way to Health, Patriot and similar centres bring people back to life. Without them, patients would not be able to walk, would be locked in their apartments, helpless and in pain.

Yet the Ukraine government funding is minimal, it does not cover the cost of rehabilitation, let alone any supplies. All equipment is donated by volunteers like us. Ukraine’s rehabilitation centres need your help.

If you are a medical organisation, please donate equipment from the list. If you are a private individual, please kindly donate cash: we need funds to deliver donations.

Medical Equipment Request (used or new)
Ultrasound machine with Doppler sensor (Siemens Acuson x300 or similar)
Shockwave therapy machine
Rehabilitation Gloves (Saebo Glove)
Electrotherapy device (BTL 4620 Premium or similar)
Artromot K1 Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) (example)
Pressotherapy device (BTL-6000 LYMPHASTIM 12 TOPLINE or similar)
Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine