Oleg Dmitriev, MBA

Founding chairman of the Board of Trustees

Oleg Dmitriev, Sunflower Scotland chairman, receiving ZSU medal in Torske, Lyman

Oleg Dmitriev, MBA

Oleg is the Founding Chairman of Sunflower Scotland. He regularly conducts humanitarian missions in Ukraine, having delivered aid to over 1000 people in the active war zone. In addition, Oleg delivers vehicles, first aid supplies and camouflage nets to frontline medics and heroes defending Ukraine.

Oleg is a certified first responder and trainer. He holds a dual MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia University in New York. He received a letter of recognition from Ukraine’s defence forces for supporting the repair of a number of ambulances.

Prior to the war in Ukraine he worked as CEO of a precision engineering business in Edinburgh, and was responsible for technical operations in a rocket company. Oleg won the Made in Scotland Award, and was named Scotland’s Innovator of the Year in 2018 and Inventor of the Year in 2017.

Missions in Ukraine:

  • Kharkiv: July 2022, August 2022, February 2023, June 2024
  • Chuhuiv, Malynivka: July 2022
  • Kutuzivka, Andriivka, Donets: August 2022
  • Kozacha Lopan, Shevchenka: November 2022
  • Kupyansk – Borova – Izium: November 2022
  • Vovchansk: February 2023
  • Slovyansk: August 2022, March 2023
  • Kramatorsk: August 2022, March 2023
  • Chasiv Yar: March 2023
  • Kostyantynivka: March 2023
  • Osokorivka, Kherson region: March 2024
  • Lyman, Torske: March 2024
Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland, in Kutuzivka, 2022
In Kutuzivka, Kharkiv Oblast’. Summer 2022


  • Medal for support to ZSU (March 2024);
  • Certificate of Appreciation, UDA (September 2023)
  • Multiple Letters of Gratitude from organisations across Ukraine
Medal for support to Battalion ZSU to Oleg Dmitriev
Letter of gratitude to Oleg Dmitriev for delivery of aid to Novovorontsovka, Kherson oblast
Letter of gratitude Shira Sprava to Oleg Dmitriev
Letter of Appreciation to Oleg Dmitriev from regiment A4706 AREI UDA for help to repair ambulances
Letter of recognition from Joanna Cherry QC MP to Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland
Sunflower Scotland donates medical supplies to Kryvyi Rih hospital s
Soldiers of 43 brigade receiving Ford Transit from Sunflower Scotland
Girl with Down syndrome in wheelchair receives a bag of cleaning supplies from Oleg Dmitriev, chairman of Sunflower Scotland in Kryvyi Rih
Sanya from 13th brigade 1 battalion wearing donated by Oleg Dmitriev, Sunflower Scotland